Introducing our Stockist! 【The HKroom】

Takara Gallery Workroomの商品は少しずつ海外にも飛んでおります!
香港の PMQ 元創方 の中にある

【The HK room 】http://www.thehongkongroom.com/ 

なんでも、中央書院という歴史的に有名な跡地を、最初は警察宿舎として使って、そして今年!デザイナーやクリエーターたちの情報発信スポットとして新しく生まれ変わったそう! (詳しくはこちら→ http://www.hongkongnavi.com/miru/286/ )

Introducing our Stockist!
HKroom in PMQ from Hong Kong PMQ ( http://www.pmq.org.hk/ ) :
Establish PMQ as an ICON of Hong Kong creative industries that shines in the region. Their major task is to transform a historical compound and develop it into a unique hub of broad appeal to serve the evolving creative industries. To do this, they champion Enterprising Creativity (turning Creativity to Business) and nurture local designers. Moreover, they promote appreciation of creativity to the community.

The HK room (http://www.thehongkongroom.com/ ) : They would like to design and create great products that show their care for people and environment,and they also hope to provide a good platform for designers and architects to show their talents.

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