Link's Furoshiki

Link の風呂敷、レザーキャリーストラップの販売開始です!

LINK は、世界各国のデザイナーと、テキスタイルやデザインプロダクトのコラボレー ションをするプロジェクトです。LINK のはじまりは、東京とロスアンジェルスを拠点 とする二人のメンバーが、日本の伝統的手法を生かした商品をインターナショナルな観点によって新たに作りあげる、というコンセプトのもと生まれました。



Froshiki and carry strap from LINK are now available at Takara Gallery workroom.
LINK is a collective that produces collaborative textiles and design from around the world.It was co-founded by two friends who first met in Tokyo in 2003 and after many discussions exchanging ideas and dreams, they knew they’d love to work together one day. Now they live at opposite ends of the globe, one in Tokyo and the other in L.A., but with their strong creative backgrounds and an excited desire to merge international design with traditional Japanese production methods, it wasn’t long before LINK was formed.
You can also buy Link's products at Etsy.

The handmade leather strap is easily attached, letting you use your furoshiki as a shoulder bag.

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